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At Cotswold Water Park Hire we use the latest equipment hand chosen by our experienced staff with fun, excitement and safety in mind.


Below is a rundown of our Boards and Paddles for the 2014 Season manufactured by The Red Paddle Co. and Starboard we hire in the Cotswold Water Park.



The Red Paddle Co. 2014 10'8" Mega


This board was an instant winner for us. Its large width and wide tail means that it is nice and stable, perfect for first time users or to even take a passenger but still active enough for a progressive paddler to practice their skills or learn something new. Perfect as a family board as it can cater to everyones size weight and height it also deflates and rolls up into a rucksack small enough for the boot of anyones car.



The Starboard 2014 10' Whopper Club


When we were trying to choose from Starboards extensive range we loved the Whopper. Even when we were just playing our staff kept going back to it to 'just try something again'. The clever people at starboard then told us they had designed a 'club version' of the Whopper with the nose and tail of the board made from foam as bumpers and a grippy foam deck plate. There was no doubt, we were having the Whopper. Again, its width makes it pretty stable and its volume means it isn't too 'sinky' but as a lower ride in the water compared to the inflatable it is the perfect height for children or small adults. This also means you can easily push the nose or tail under the water and itll spin nicely making step back/forward turns simple and forgiving.





The Red Paddle Co. Vario Glass


The Red Paddle Co. make really useful adjustable paddles, ideal for families or people like us as paddle length is very important, too short or too long and you'll be wasting loads of energy. Thats why we chose the Fibre Glass model. Light as a feather, tough as boots, but really nice to paddle with. The blade has been made to slice in and out of the water either end of your stroke and the shaft offers enough flex to really plant your power behind without fear of snapping it.



The Red Paddle Co. Vario Kiddy


This paddle is for our much smaller riders, a slightly depowered blade means that they won't be pulled off their board with every paddle stroke but because it is made from alloy it offers some weight to each stroke giving an extra boost to their paddling. With our adjustable paddles everyone can take part.

Whopper Club Cropped TRIAL mega Club cropped TRIAL Glass Kiddy Vario